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People say they have they best job in the world; the truth is that I truly have the very best job in the world as an Alberta Wedding Officiant! To be a part of this very special moment in people’s lives is truly an honor and a privilege.

Thank you for visiting my Meaningful Ceremonies site and please enjoy some of the experiences that I have had performing ceremonies in the Edmonton area!

Bring on the kids!

wedding-1-1164153-kidsI love kids in weddings! Little boys dressed up in grown up suits and little girls in dresses that are so cute.  One little guy was dressed in a top hat - he fell asleep just before his big debut down the aisle so Dad carried him down.  Wedding guests love these "blips" in the program! My motto is - and you will hear me say it at rehearsal - guests love it when kids perform their roles perfectly - but they love it more when they don't!  So you can never go wrong with little people in your wedding party. One lovely bride had her two little girls walking down the aisle with her, when the littlest one decided it was all too much and insisted that Mom pick her up. I performed that ceremony for three people - Mom, Dad and the one little angel that would not be set down! There was something incredibly sweet about the whole thing. Tiny little guys in tiny little suits being enticed down the aisle by a favorite teddy bear in the groom's hand or litlle girls who are suppose to delicately toss petals but instead throw them in clumps beside their feet - wedding guests love it all! I love it all!

Bride Magic

bridemagic2It never ceases to amaze me how brides always get it right! They have the right style of dress, the perfect hair style, the accessories are exquisite and the result is absolutely stunning. It's so much fun to see the transformation from the rehearsal where brides are usually quite casual to the "bride magic" of the wedding day. I always try and see the bride before she comes down the aisle so they don't take MY breath away before we start the ceremony!! This years beautiful dresses have included a gorgeous design with black trim.  A peacock blue sash, a red velvet wrap, a lavender wedding dress and a red parasol added a dimension of style to make each bride unique. Some of the most stunning dresses reflected the simplicity and timelessness of pure white. So many shades of gorgeous white. Silhouettes range from sleek and under stated to fuller silhouette that were simply gorgeous. The combinations of "stunning" are endless. I always, always look forward to the "bride magic."

Bridal Bouquets

Bridal BouquetsThere are as many different types of bouquets are there are brides. From the simplicity and elegance of pure white with greenery to the most vibrant of colors. Feathers seem to be the emerging accessory in bouquets. Mixed among the flowers, they bring a new edge to the regular bouquet. Hand wrapped Gerber daisies look amazing and one of my brides created all of her bouquets herself using this idea. One particularly stunning bouquet  consisted of all antique broaches attached together to look exactly like a flower bouquet. A traditional red rose bouquet looks amazing with a more traditional lace dress. Flowers dyed the exact same color as the bridesmaids dresses are really popular with one bride having her bouquets match her favorite hockey team colors! With so many flower designers to choose from your bouquet can be anything you can envision!

Let Meaningful Ceremonies be a part of your Wedding day!

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